Tuesday, October 18, 2011

FDA? Nay.

Would you eat from a fruit stand in Mexico? Not likely, unless you were acclimated to their abundance of bacteria! Imported fruit is not much different. The FDA is under resourced and underfunded, and tends to have looser regulations than other concerned regions such as Europe.  In fact, Europe bans milk and meat products from the United States due to our use of hormones and regulation standards. The ability and willingness of the FDA to check even half of the imported foods are not as assuring as one would hope. The regulation management for many countries is very poor regarding chemicals and even banned regulations here are used actively.  Walmart,  is the largest importer of Chinese grown produce. Chinese produce and products are found time and time again to contain lead and arsenic. 
Even if it is not important to your dietary interests consider the effects of all the hormones on small children seriously. For example milk cows are given a growth hormone and other hormones to promote them to continue to produce long after what would be a normal lactation period.  Because of this and the constant manipulation and over-milking they develop puss and infection on their utters.  For this they are treated with antibiotics and the milk as well. All milk sold commercially is then homogenized to eliminate separation of the cream from the thinner milk water.  Homogenization prevents the human body from properly digesting the milk, leaving behind the many vitamins, minerals and short chain fatty acids that are naturally found in milk. There is much research that hormones in milk can produce adult acne, hormone dependent cancers such as testes, prostate and breast, and excessive amounts of antibiotics and hormones. Cancer is caused by the mutation of cells. The chief activity of synthetic hormones and steroids is cell mutation.

SOLUTION- There are many health reasons why organic food is a smart choice, foremost your body is not being pumped full of unnatural disease causing chemicals. With local sources many foods grown locally can be grown with native seeds and without the heavy use of pesticides and fertilizers; cows and dairy without excessive hormones. Milk could be sold raw, without the use of homogenization. There would be very little need for pasteurization and transportation and storage measures. Local foods eliminate the need to import foreign fruits and veggies that have been grown in questionable conditions and with liberal pesticide regulations and can increase the use of organic foods.

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