Sunday, October 16, 2011


 “Sustainability” -Where to begin, and what the heck it is really? Sustainability's answer falls in growing and purchasing local family farm raised foods and eating seasonally, the majority of the week, within our own corners of the world. It can easily resolve many considerable local and world issues; Economic Despair and Instability, Overflowing Landfills, Atmospheric Damage, Contaminating Soil and Oceans and Drinking Water, and Poisoning our Bodies repeatedly, forcing us into a disease state. The good news is we can effectively manage many of these concerns on a local front without putting ourselves out, but in fact eating better than ever!  

"Seasonal" -refers to foods that are grown and harvested at its peak and during its natural harvest periods, ripened naturally with the warm sun. It is not forced to grow out of season. This practice overtaxes the soil, by forcing it to produce year round. It can refer to fruits and vegetables, but also seafood, game, and meats and dairy.

“Local”- foods are a bit harder to define and can be exchangeable to one’s personal standard, but often considered to be grown, harvested and processed within your local community, state, region or a 100-400 mile radius; the idea is consuming and purchasing  foods with fewest transportation miles as possible.

I will attempt to explain some of the issues and solutions. 

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