Sunday, November 24, 2013

LEFTOVERS- Turkey, Fresh Cranberry-Orange Relish, Stuffing and Havarti Panini

There's Something about the crunchy creamy panini that warms the soul. I happen to love the Italian's souped up version of a grilled cheese on any day! Finally a way to use my George Foreman Grill so lovingly gifted to me years back! It makes a perfect panini when you add a little weight to the top.

Turkey, Fresh Cranberry-Orange Relish, Stuffing and Havarti Panini

Thinly sliced turkey breast
8 slices Havarti
8 slices Ciabata or Italian Bread
Cranberry Orange Relish (or canned cranberry sauce if not available)
Optional Additions:
Very thinly sliced red onions
Olive Oil

Plug in Panini Grill/George Foreman Grill/ or Skillet over Medium Heat. Arrange Bread slices. Using a basting brush, or Olive oil Spray Bottle is preferable, spread one side with olive oil. On other side of bread arrange in this order: Cranberries, Turkey, Stuffing,(and Gravy, Onions, Stuffing, Cranberries again if preferred) finally Havarti.  Place inside panini maker.  Cook for about 3-5 minutes.

Note for Use of Other Pans: If using a skillet or George Foreman Grill apply weight to top. I've used all sorts of sources; cast iron skillet, tea pot, even a rock camping once! Flip Sandwich over half way through, and reapply weight. .

Paninis can be assembled ahead of time and cooked when it is convenient! Delicious!


  1. That looks SUPER yummy! And the cranberry-orange relish is my specialty at Thanksgiving! Been perfecting it since I was about 14. MmmmmmGOOD!

  2. It is really what makes this panini rock! It would certainly be yummy with jellied or other cranberry sauce but that fresh cranberry orange is soooooo fresh so delicious!